How to be a Top Performer

We all want to be valued in the workplace and feel indispensable to our bosses. But, what determines the difference from an average employee and a top performer?

Here are three ways you can become a topnotch employee.


Top performers are eager to learn.

Do you take pride in your work? Do you see your job as a jumping-off-point for the rest of your career? By showing that you are curious, you are letting your employers know that you desire to help move the needle forward.

Ask questions, be responsive to change, and show your innovative side. You’ll be conveying how invested you are in the betterment of not only the company where you work but also the future of your career.


Top performers are receptive to feedback.

We rely on the advice and constructive criticism of those around us. Without feedback, we are unable to grow.

Be open to staff partners and bosses offering feedback. Go a step further, and ask for constructive criticism and ways you can better improve your work product. Without improvement, we remain stagnant. Be the force that generates change by being proactive and learning to grow from your mistakes.


Top performers empower those around them.

We all have staff partners who light up the room. They are the people who we all lean on when the going gets rough or when we need a pick-me-up.

Be the force that empowers others to be their best possible selves. You have the power to be positive, relatable, and kind. Top performers recognize that when one staff partner succeeds, everyone succeeds.

Being a top performer does not happen overnight. But, being willing to learn, accept change, and empower others will set you up for success and show your boss that you are serious and determined about your career.

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