How Track.tl is Making your Party Playlist Interactive

Louis Aubert, who works the business (rather than the technical) side of things, first learned about startups while he was studying in San Diego and San Francisco. A native of Paris, France, he is very excited about the growth of entrepreneurship and engineering at home.

Almost 2 years ago, Aubert went to the 3 Day Startup weekend, a kickstarter program, with the intent to create a new App to use with his friends. He met two engineers, Thibault Taupin and Matthieu Achard, who combined forces to create Track.tl. (Taupin and Achard were engineering students at the School of Centrale Paris.)

Thinking only in the present, they wanted an app that could be simple, easy to use, and free. It took them only three days to create a prototype.

Track.tl is a platform for party goers to have influence on the music that they listen to. Once a playlist has been created, anyone at the event can add songs that they want to hear. Guests can then vote for songs that they like to be played sooner. It’s social in the aspect that your name is next to your song choices. It’s even possible to put a live feed of the playlist on a television or other projection for a whole crowd to see.

The trio came up with the idea for the app when reminiscing about a party where no one could agree on what music should be played. The solution: a mashup of jukebox and democracy. Not only can your party guests choose the music they want to listen to but they can upvote friend’s choices so that the most popular are played first.

The App is the primary way of connecting to Track.tl and to your friends but for those without access to iOS, the website itself will link up to your buddy’s playlist!


At Track.tl, everyone has an idea of what the other is working on and why they’re doing it. Being aware of what’s going on, even if they don’t understand it, is what they believe makes them successful outside of their passion for the company and its goals. Those at Track.tl also have a strong belief that the world needs to party more so that people can meet and create new things.

The musical App is not limited to house parties but is also being used for weddings, carpools, bars, sporting events, restaurants, train stations, and is becoming especially popular in workplaces. Track.tl has gone so much further than the original trio dreamed it would. People are always giving them new ideas and they plan on continuing to innovate.


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