Improve your Focus with these 5 Quick Tips

5 quick tips for improving your focus and productivity. 

Many of us adopted a work-from-home lifestyle months ago. And although some of us have returned to the office; by in large, most of us are still tackling remote working. 

As we’ve adjusted to our “new” office spaces, the good, the bad, and the ugly of remote work have managed to rise to the surface. Do you find yourself focused all day? Or do you tend to lose motivation as the day goes on? Is your body relaxed? Or do you close down your laptop at night with pains down your neck and spine? Are you perfectly balancing all aspects of your life? Or are you struggling to juggle work, household tasks, significant others, and kids?

If you’re falling on the less than stellar side of the above questions, you may need a reboot to help improve your focus and productivity. Below are five quick ways you can make working from home more enjoyable both professionally and personally. 


Take a moment on the top of each hour to take three deep breaths. Fill your lungs with fresh air and let them expand across your chest. Hold for a moment. And then release the old air. Your mind and body will thank you for the extra oxygen and quiet time. 


Budget time throughout your day for self-care. Set aside time for lunch, exercise and dedicated work time. So often, we fill our schedules with back-to-back meetings—leaving no time for us to eat, move or work. When you put the things most important to you first, the rest will flow more easily. 


Be sure to have a comfortable and organized workspace. Some of us don’t have desks in our living space, so dedicate a corner of your kitchen table or island as your makeshift desk. Be sure to have a comfortable chair that supports your back and doesn’t leave you aching in pain by the end of each day. Focus on sitting up straight and taking time to stand and stretch. 


Keep your schedule as organized as possible so you have time to devote to each to-do on your list. Although many of us relish in multi-tasking—more often than not, you’re far less productive when you try to do too many things at once. Keep focus and limit your attention to one task at a time. 


You are enough and you can achieve great things. Remind yourself of this every day. Perhaps you start each morning with a mantra or medication to help refocus yourself and your intentions. 

We all could use a little extra help re-centering our focus while working from home. Take time for deep breaths, thoughtful breaks, good posture, presence, and self-care. Tell us @StarterNoise what your favorite work-from-home habits are to help you refocus and perform at your best. 

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