Is a Woman's Chest the Next Billboard?

Marketing is a field of work that is constantly subjected to experimentation.  There’s countless times through the last two decades where a bold marketing strategy changed the landscape – and I don’t entirely mean that in a figurative sense. In 1999 a book rental company called Half.com made a deal with a small town named Halfway, Oregon, to rename itself (you guessed it) Half.com, Oregon. The company was purchased by Ebay one year later for $300 million.

The point is this: bizarre, far-fetched concepts of viral marketing schemes can work. Which is why it is no surprise to business moguls across the globe that the start-up Tittygram is off to a great start. Tittygram provides a way for customers to advertise their company, send a message to a friend, confirm the finalization of a business transaction or just about anything else by having a message or title written across an anonymous female model’s breasts. For $9.95 customers are able to get up to a 35-character advertisment or for $29.95 the “Business Package” provides the picture without the watermark and in high-resolution. The campaign was founded in Russia and texts are available in Japanese, Italian, Russian and English. Models are financed for about 150 Rubles a picture (roughly $3 USD).

While skeptics may find Tittygram just another sexist attempt to objectify women for the sake of business it is hard to ignore the success the website has already experienced. Tittygram launched at the end of March and has already had over 2,000 photo orders sent out from across the globe– and their largest client? Burger King.
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