Is Your Job Getting You The Best Bang For Your Buck?

GradifiUnless you landed a pretty sweet full-ride or had the pleasure of having your parents pay for your college education, most of us must deal with daunting student loans. We are young and want to make the most out of our younger years but whether we like it or not (and I can guarantee it, you don’t like it) … we must pay back all that debt. But what if your job made that whole process a little easier? Ah I grabbed your attention huh? Well, what if your job paid a portion of your monthly student loan bill as a benefit for all your hard work?

Introducing Gradifi, a simple to use SLP (Student Loan Paydown) benefit geared towards companies that want to make their employees happy and hardworking. So how exactly does this whole thing work? Well, Gradifi provides a platform for companies to easily help pay down their employees’ debt. Better yet, Gradifi has built its reputation on security and scalability so companies can feel safe and worry-free while using the platform. Currently, Gradifi is serving 52 companies and adding about 15-20 new companies every month.

Does your job offer this awesome benefit? If not, maybe you should reconsider what benefits are most important to you and your financial future. We had the chance to pick the brains of some of Gradifi’s marketing team and they thought millennials searching for work should be most interested in student loan repayment, a 401k plan, and growth opportunities. If you’re lucky enough to snag all three then you’re in luck!

As a startup, Gradifi has an exciting work environment due to their rapid growth and wicked success. Gradifi explained, “it seems that every week we are hitting a new milestone or launching a new feature to our platform which keeps everyone engaged and focused on our mission to help pay down student loans. We work hard and enjoy collaborating with each other.  We also know how to have fun and like I mentioned, we luckily have an easy time finding reasons to celebrate!”

So when you think Gradifi, think of a startup that is innovative, socially conscious, and customer-focused. Think you’d scope out a new job that offered some of the awesome perks that Gradifi does? Tweet @StaterNoise to let us know!

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