Kanoodl: The most innovative playlist!

Ever sat in a coffee shop during an intense study session and heard the same songs played over and over again? And no, you’re not going crazy, you’re actually hearing the same songs played over and over again. But no longer will you fall victim to monotonous tempos because Kanoodl, a newbie to the startup world, will be bringing its customers innovative and dynamic musical playlists.

So what exactly does Kanoodl do? Well, for starters, it is an in store radio service for brick and mortar restaurants and small businesses. Instead of tuning into a static playlist, businesses can now tune into Kanoodl to hear a playlist built on customer preferences. Basically, customers listening to Kanoodl get to vote or share songs with other customers so that a mutually exclusive playlist can evolve for listeners.

Matthew Ayoub, the founder of Kanoodl, says that the startup “is the result of a fascination with technology and how it can be used to create immersive and customized experiences in the physical world, combined with a love for music and an interest in how it can deeply impact our emotions and mood.” With such a fascinating idea, how exactly does Kannodl plan to reach customers? Well, it hopes to reach stores and restaurants that provide customers with a sufficient in-store experience, which in turn translates to a sufficient exposure to the Kanoodl experience.

What exactly is in store for Kanoodl in the future? Ayoub says, “the in-store radio part of Kanoodl is just the first step. I view Kanoodl more as a customer experience company than a music or technology company. As we move forward, it will be our goal to find innovative uses for new technology to create the next generation of customer experiences, which will be increasingly important as brick and mortar stores look to differentiate from their online counterparts.”

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