Katy Perry is “Sparkly as F*ck” at the Human Rights Campaign Gala

Katy Perry

Did you check out Katy Perry’s emotional speech at the Human Rights Campaign Gala on Saturday evening? She was awarded with the National Equality Award and stunned the crowd with her moving words in support of the LGBTQ community.

Although growing up in a highly strict, Christian household that stood in opposition to the LGBTQ community, Perry has become a huge advocate for the cause. In fact, after joining the music industry, Perry was welcomed with open arms and hearts by the LGBTQ community. “These people were nothing like I’d been taught to fear. They were the most free, strong, kind and inclusive people.”

Perry has done quite a bit for the LGBTQ community including her support for the Trevor Project, a charity that seeks to prevent suicide among young LGBTQ individuals. She’s also been a huge supporter of women’s rights and walked alongside thousands of other women at the Women’s March. And there is more to come because I’m sure you’re ‘gonna hear her roar’ for awhile about human rights related issues.

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