Keep Up-to-Date with the News & Save Money

Here’s why keeping up-to-date with the news is helpful when planning for your financial future.

Nowadays, some of us may feel overwhelmed while watching the news. Heightened emotions surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, racial injustice, and the 2020 U.S. presidential election have consumed all major news channels. 

2020 has been a challenging year for numerous reasons, and many of us have felt the economic decline of the US economy. But, watching the news and staying up-to-date with the stock market and economic trends can be very helpful when planning for your financial future. 

If watching the news stresses you out, it’s okay—it’s giving many people around the world a moment of pause and anxiety. It’s important to remember that you should do your homework when hearing alarmist style-news. Not every news source reports fairly and correctly. If something sounds off or too good to be true, dig a little deeper, and seek out other opinions and articles—especially with financial facts and trends. 

If you want to take a deep-dive into the origins and consequences of fake news, listen to Fake News: Falsehood, Fabrication and Fantasy in Journalism by Brian McNair. And don’t forget, Google can be an excellent source for digesting ideas, terms, and trends that are referenced in the news. 

Taking an unbiased, nonpartisan view of the news can help you determine fact from fiction. When you are trying to figure out how to invest, and how best to save, do your research. When you jump to action as soon as alarmist news breaks headlines, you are not being fair to your financial future. You want to be ahead of the news and analyzing how future trends could affect your money.  

2020 has presented many unprecedented challenges. Your physical, mental, emotional, and financial health depend on you staying up-to-date with the news and following guidance from the experts. Give yourself the time and patience needed to weed through fake news so you can make informed and educated decisions.

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