KINEXON: The Future of Real-Time Contact Tracing

KINEXON: The Future of Real-Time Contact Tracing

As shelter-in-place restrictions have been lifted, many companies are revamping what “business as usual” means in a pandemic era. Business leaders across the world must make tough decisions and look to new technology to help create safe environments for their employees & customers.

KINEXON—a global leader in real-time localization—has launched a new innovative initiative to help companies stay safe. Previously, the German-based company helped many industries, including sports teams, on performance tracking, but once COVID-19 began to spread, the company pivoted to monitor social distancing and contact tracing. 

In an article published by CNBC, Mehdi Bentanfous, CEO of KINEXON, said: “When the pandemic started, instead of tracking the location of things of people or assets…we slightly modified our technology to get the information on how far someone is from someone else.”

The NBA and NFL are using KINEXON’s latest tool, KINEXON SafeZone, to help with contact tracing in the event that a player tests positive. In order to do this, players will wear a wristband, equipped with a unique ID, that warns when they are too close to another player and social distancing is compromised. Optional software associated with Kinexon SafeZone will trace the infection and allow teams to take protective action. 

Sports teams are quickly adopting the technology and so are other major industries. BMW, Red Bull, and NBC are just a few other companies that have started to use KINEXON. The design in turnkey and available immediately—without built-in infrastructure. Likewise, KINEXON’s technology is highly accurate and equipped with strong data protection.  Check out their video below.

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