KitchenMate Makes Lunchtime Easy

We all love our lunch break. The mid-day break offers us a chance to stretch our legs, sneak in a quick workout, and replenish with some delicious food. Although lunch breaks are great in theory, many of us rarely use our time well. We either skip our break altogether or fail to eat a healthy, well-balanced meal. 

KitchenMate, a Toronto-based startup, is helping change the landscape of lunchtime with fresh, healthy meals. According to their mission, “We believe everyone should be equipped to access, share, and enjoy high-quality meals easily. We are dedicated to making tasty, truly nutritious, and affordable fresh food that fits into people’s increasingly fast-paced lives.”

So, you’re probably wondering, is this another food delivery company? Wrong. Take a look at their video below.

KitchenMate uses “smart” meal-pods that are cooked in a “smart” cooker. Now, before you start casting judgments, it’s not just a spin on microwaves. In fact, KitchenMate uses steam heating technology to warm up their prepackaged meals. 

Currently, KitchenMate is designed only for office-like settings where employers provide the option for employees. So, for many of us working from home, we are out of luck—but for those companies still operating in-person, KitchenMate has taken a strong stance on its COVID-19 response:

“Food safety and customer health & safety are at the heart of everything we do. At KitchenMate, we take a systems approach to addressing risks at each of the critical control points from our supply chain to interactions with our technology in your workplace.”

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