Ladies – This Magazine Wants to Talk About Sex. Good Sex.

You’ve seen the headlines and you’ve probably looked at the articles all promising to make you better in bed for your partner. You’ve seen the images and maybe even bought the products so you look better for someone else, too. But, what about you?

The world has given women a voice when it comes to some things – and many of us are continuing to fight for a stronger voice – but there is one thing that we still are not encouraged to own – our sexuality. Well, Sensheant Magazine is trying to change that by bringing the conversation to you –either in print or with their digital magazine.

If talking about a woman’s needs, desires, and likes makes you squirm a little bit, it is probably because you, like the rest of us, are more used to talking about what would make a man happy in bed, how to keep him fulfilled and make sure he is attracted to you. Unfortunately, a lot of us have been trained to see our bodies as tools for someone else’s pleasure. I won’t ignore the elephant in the room – a lot of men treat women as if our bodies are for their pleasure. What if both genders were to sit down at that table and find some pleasure? Can a new magazine change the conversation?

I like the potential of Sensheant Magazine. However, there are business considerations here – like how well magazines are doing these days, and if people are going to pay their current price of $15.99 per 78-page issue or $4.99 for a digital version. There is important content and they are on the starting line for an overdue topic that is ready to be discussed, though.

Timing plays a role in businesses. Do you think the world is ready to have Sensheant’s conversation? Will that alone drive them to success, or do you have ideas on what will help them last past the common media life-expectancy of five years? Let us know @StarterNoise using the hashtag #FemmeMagLove

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