Natalie Brzezinski Bridges Humanity and Technology

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This past June, the Brilliant Minds Symposium had its inaugural run in central Stockholm to collaborate on a platform aimed at exploring technology, music, innovation, and fashion. So what is Brilliant Minds? Excellent question, I think the name of the event says it all … Brilliant Minds is a conglomeration of truly brilliant minds. The event brought together an exclusive, star-studded list of individuals from a variety of industries including artists, musicians, entrepreneurs, and speakers. Behind this amazing event was the work of Natalia Brzezinski, the CEO of Brilliant Minds and Symposium Stockholm.

Behind this amazing event was the work of Natalia Brzezinski, the CEO of Brilliant Minds and Symposium Stockholm. In an interview, Natalia explained: “Our goal is to redefine leadership in the creative world – to define the next generation of the ‘elders’,” … “And these people come from all fields – music, technology, and art. These are people who are fearless, who look at a problem and see an opportunity.” And she sure did accomplish her goal  – the event was a raging success.

And her accomplishments don’t end there, Natalia is also an international advisor for the Women in Public Service Project at the Woodrow Wilson Center — an ‘oh-so-fancy’ think tank in Washington D.C. Not to mention, she is the host of the Brilliant Minds Podcast on Spotify.

But before achieving her crazy list of accomplishments, Natalia had humble upbringings. In an interview on the Brilliant Minds podcast, Natalia explained how she grew up in Chicago (yay, fellow midwesterner) as an only child of an immigrant family. During the interview, she mirrors her entrepreneurial career pursuits with her childhood. Entrepreneurs are known for living a solitary life, and as a child, she spent the majority of her time alone since both of her parents worked. Her ability to be independent encouraged her to launch forward in her career and travel the world. In fact, her lifelong slogan is “I jump into things” — aka Natalia isn’t afraid to take a chance and try something outside of the box. (Did I mention she met her husband at a gala in Monaco at age 23 and was married 6 weeks later??) When she sees something she likes, she goes for it.

Her career lept forward when she and her husband moved to Sweden to work for the U.S. embassy. She saw a need to incorporate social media and technology into her role as a spokesperson for the Obama administration. But that was only the tip of the iceberg, Natalia would go on to connect with the Swedish technology scene and work to bridge the gap between humanity and technology.

She has created an amazing legacy already, and did I mention that she’s under 35?! We are super excited to see what Natalia does next. Check out her awesome interview on her podcast here, and Tweet @StarterNoise to tell how much you loved it!

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