Like to Debate? Micgoat May Be Your Scapecoat


Some of us love to dive into a meaty conversation and bring up some controversial topics. (Myself included). And some of us absolutely hate it … But if you are in the camp of loving a good debate, Micgoat is for you.

Funny name, right? Well, Micgoat is a lot more interesting than its name, because it is a new startup dedicated solely to providing users with a debate platform. How exactly does this work? Users propose their own topics, such as: “should women have equal pay?” or “is bitcoin a good investment?” After filming a short, one minute video with your argument. Other users can chime in with recorded short videos of their own.

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Why is this so revolutionary? Freedom reigns for users. Think about Facebook, for example. If a debate arises (and oh do they ….) if anyone feels the slightest bit offended and reports the debate, the entire conversation gets nixed. But Micgoat goes to another level. It creates a space where opinions are welcomed and accepted.

I encourage you to check out Micgoat’s website and listen to some of the debates. You don’t have to agree with everything — in fact, you can disagree with everything and submit your own opinion to any debate.

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