Is Your Linkedin Up-To-Date? Here Are A Few Tips To Make It Pop

If you’re a working adult and building your career, you should have a Linkedin profile. Better yet, you should have an updated Linkedin profile at all times, because let’s face it, future employers no longer only stalk your Facebook profile to make sure you’re not off-the-walls crazy, they also check to make sure you have a neat, polished, and professional Linkedin profile as well. So here are a few tips to get your Linkedin into tip-top shape.

Number one on your list of things to possibly edit, check out your profile picture. It should not be a snapshot of you doing a mirror-selfie or you drinking a glass of wine with your friends. Instead, it should be a headshot of you in professional attire. Often times, college campuses will offer to take this photo for you or you can ask a friend to take it. Either way, make sure your employer’s first glimpse of you is a good one.

Next, make sure your current position and professional title best fit your current work situation. Employers will have a copy of your resume, so they want to see the work experience you’ve already provided for them reflected on your profile. List your skills and responsibilities under each job title so that others viewing your profile will know exactly what you did and accomplished while at the office.

Do you have any personal endorsements or reviews written about you? You should. Not only does this show that what you say on your resume is true, but also it conveys to others that you are respected and appreciated for your hard work from past employers.

Lastly, and this should go without saying, proofread! Employers want to see that you are a confident and capable writer who can concisely use words. So brush up any spelling or grammar mistakes because if you have any, they will stick out like sore thumbs and be major red flags on your profile.

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