Long Distance No Longer

Raise your hand if you’ve ever done the whole ‘long distance dating thing.’ If you’re like most people I know, you’ve tried it, hated it, and ended it. Or you fall into the small population of people who somehow manage to make it look like it’s the easiest thing ever (can you tell I’m envious?) Well, fret no more, because thanks to a pretty sweet startup, you and your lover can be just a kiss away no matter how far apart.

Kissenger first entered the world of startups back in 2012 after the idea to create a kissable device became reality. Thanks to funding from the iJam Reload Grant, Dinos Andreou and Dr. Hooman Samani—the founders of Kissenger—got to work to create a device that fused kisses and messaging together.

So how exactly does the Kissenger work? Well, it’s a curved plastic standalone gadget that can be linked to your computer or smartphone. A large silicon ‘lip’ rests at the bottom, which is built with precision sensors to recreate your smooch and send it over to your lover. But it’s not only for romantic buddies, you can use the Kissenger for your family and friends while you are traveling or living far away.

The Kissenger is not available for consumers yet, but it is evolving to include other senses like scent. So instead of just kissing a robotic device, you can smell your lover on the other end while you kiss him or her. But maybe you should hold off on sharing your Kissenger with anyone else because it’s not the most sanitary of devices…

Kissenger is definitely moving into the technological future of using devices for humanly functions. We are excited to see what other amazing products startups like Kissenger launch in 2017. Think you’d give Kissenger a try? Tweet @StarterNoise to let us know!

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