Loverboy Is Revolutionizing The Alcoholic Beverage Industry

Loverboy is here.

Hard tea is about to have a moment. Like its spiked seltzer counterparts, it’s low in sugar and has ABVs that mostly range from four to five percent. Here’s what everyone is going to be sipping on this summer. 

Loverboy -a zero-sugar, low-ABV sparkling hard tea- is what we’ll have in hand. 

Kyle Cooke and Amanda Batula of Bravo’s Summer House debuted Loverboy on the show and now it’s available in over 40 states. And at 90 calories with zero sugar, Loverboy is a beverage made for no-guilt drinking.

So what sets it apart from any other canned cocktail or hard seltzer? It’s made to be a healthier alcoholic beverage option. 

“We made a zero sugar sparkling hard tea because nothing like it existed,” states the website. “It starts with the perfect blend of organic brewed tea, botanicals, juices and monk fruit combined with the smoothest tasting gluten-free alcohol that we could find.” 

Loverboy fuses organic brewed tea, botanicals, and a touch of monk fruit to create the keto-friendly, And Loverboy’s a 4.2% ABV, which makes them perfect for sipping on at any time of the day (or all day long, I’m not judging). 

Loverboy checks the boxes of several trends going on right now: hard tea and coffee, canned cocktails, and the “no-and-low” wellness trend.

There are three flavors: hibiscus Pom, white tea peach, and black tea lemon. 

BestProducts.com wrote a lengthy review that reinforces other reviews about the tea feeling smooth while also feeling like an alcoholic beverage. The review also noted that the flavors are excellent candidates for (responsible) day drinking. 

And in April, Loverboy announced the Loverboy Spritz, a “bubbly, wine-based craft cocktail has more alcohol, more flavor and no added sugar.” Announced in an Instagram post, the brand says that “the combination of blueberries, lemon and basil will take you from your living room couch to the Amalfi Coast.”

After catching flak for the high price tag, Amanda and Kyle added a note to the post, saying:

“We wanted to give you a premium product that could be sold online and across the country, unlike our teas. Our solution: use a wine base that resembles a vodka, and create a canned cocktail that tastes like it was freshly crafted by a mixologist for $15. We totally get the price shock–but we would never overcharge you. Our Spritz uses high quality ingredients so that it taste amazing, but is expensive to produce. Selling and shipping wine online is also stupid expensive and we tried to cover some of that in the cost for you. We understand the Spritz may not be for everyone, and we will continue expanding our sparkling hard tea state by state. Either way, we appreciate your patience & support!”

Fingers crossed I’ll sipping on one soon. There’s no doubt we could all use a drink right now. Check out their site to get your hands on one! 

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