The Lowdown On Why Internships Are So Critical To Your Resume And Your Career

While completing your undergraduate degree, it is essential to branch out and get real world experience. But how? You have a packed course load, you’re president of your sorority or fraternity, you’re a member of countless clubs, and you enjoy the freedom of studying (or partying) during the weekends. Take your summers as opportunities to grow your work portfolio and intern at top-notch firms to gain applicable skills that are necessary in the job market.

No matter your major or area of study, internships are key. In fact, The National Association of Colleges and Universities reported that the relationship between having an internship and later getting a job in a related field was undeniable. Internships do more than give you experience and boost your resume. They allow you to ‘test-run’ a career and see if a job similar to your internship is something you would like to pursue long term. Not to mention, they give you an amazing opportunity to network with professionals, gain mentors in the field, and possibly earn course credit while you’re in school.

You’re not the only one who benefits from being an intern. In many cases, businesses and startups love having interns as well. By going through the hiring process and searching through dozens of qualified candidates, businesses are investing in you and the time they hope you will commit. Whether they hope for an instant return while you are working or a long-term return by hiring you for a position upon completion of your internship, businesses intend to gain just as much as you do.

Whether you are fortunate enough to land a paid internship or have to bite the dust with an unpaid internship, experience in the field is priceless when you enter the job market after you’re done with school. Have any thoughts on how important internships are for undergraduate students? Tweet @StarterNoise using #Intern to let us know!

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