Lyft Gives Climate Change a Facelift


Most of us have become accustomed to clicking into ride-sharing apps every time we need to get somewhere. Let’s face it, Uber and Lyft have made ‘going out’ a breeze. As much as we love the convenience and affordability of using these apps, we are also partaking in quite a bit of pollution.

Vehicles emit a substantial carbon footprint. With more and more cars on the road, especially those utilizing ride-sharing apps, the carbon footprint emitted each year is tremendous. Lyft hopes to change this and give back to the environment.

How exactly does Lyft hope to do this? A large multi-million dollar investment, duh! Working in partnership with 3Degrees, the investment will help reduce greenhouse gas emissions from an automative parts manufacturing process in the midwest.

It’s a small step in the right direction to corporate accountability and helps take responsibility for the impact each of us makes to the environment. It’s pretty incredible seeing such a notable company, like Lyft, taking action for the better.

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