MailThis: Your Virtual Post Office


Skip the post office. Send snail mail from your devices instead, with MailThis- the platform that is modernizing sending mail right from your laptop.  

One day, Nick Freiling had to mail something. 

“It all started with an unnecessarily high level of frustration I felt a few weeks back while rummaging around my office for an envelope, a stamp, a few pieces of paper, a pen, and then printer ink. I had to print and snail-mail something to the other side of the country — something I almost never have to do.” 

That’s what Nick Freiling, founder of MailThis says of the beginnings of the concept. “I ended up having to go buy a few of those items, because I had none handy. Took me 45 minutes, total. All to send one letter in one envelope one time, and then probably never again for another few months.”

Snail mail isn’t necessarily the most modern of communication methods, but when you need to mail something, you need to mail something. And what better a way to modernize it than mailing it right from your laptop? 

MailThis touts three key features:

  • SAFE: We encrypt every file you upload and process mail from secure facilities in the US.
  • FAST: We print & mail your document within one business day. No exceptions!
  • FLEXIBLE: We mail almost anything you upload. Up to 20 pages, color or black & white. Starts at $1.75.

Here’s how MailThis works:

  1. Go to mailthis.co.
  2. Upload the document (PDF) you want to send. Anything up to 20 pages.
  3. Answer a few questions (how many pages, where to send, return address).
  4. Pay on-page via Stripe, and click SEND.

Your letter is sent via USPS® within one business day, and your recipient should have it 2–4 days later.

Freiling says that the platform was initially on a use-case basis. “College kids sending pictures to their grandma. Cancer patients sending mail from their hospital rooms (where stamps and envelopes aren’t readily available). Indian consulting firms sending thank you notes to US clients, but who don’t want to pay international postage,” he lists.

Now the audience is created for on-the-go professionals, freelancers, consultants, and entrepreneurs who don’t sit in offices full of paper, envelopes, and stamps. 

Especially now, in the midst of a pandemic, companies like MailThis are presenting opportunities for communication that are easy and germ-free. 

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