Make Your Next Move as Light as a Feather


Millennials are settling down much later than older generations. They jump from city to city and often change up their living situation yearly. With all that moving, comes a lot of expense. Think about it, you probably pay a decent chunk of change to purchase all the furniture in your apartment. Then you pay another load of cash to move it around with you. Ah and the worst part… maybe your prized possessions won’t work or fit in your new place. So you make the painful decision to sell your old furniture and buy new furniture … adding to your moving expenses.

What if this whole process could be a whole lot easier? What if you could rent your furniture, have it delivered to your sweet apartment, use it, and then have it picked up when you’re all done using it? Well, this is reality, and you should all check out Feather. As a fairly new startup, Feather has grown quite a bit and even earned itself $3.5 million in seed funding. You can rent a variety of furniture including beds, tables, couches, chairs, office equipment, and the list goes on. Your monthly rent charge for this furniture ranges depending on what you’re renting but prices average out at $150/month.

Whether you need your furniture for three months or a year, Feather can supply you with the goods. And don’t go worrying about who’s used the furniture or if it’s dirty. Feather only rents out each piece a max of three times and professionally cleans everything. Once you’re all done, you pay a $199 pickup fee, and you’re all good to go.

Starting to sound like a pretty good deal, huh? If you’re looking to simplify your moving experience and costs, you should check out Feather. Tweet @StarterNoise to tell us what you think about this sweet, new startup.

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