How To Market A Crowdfunding Campaign

Money is key when getting a product off the ground. Luckily, raising money has become easier because crowdfunding is the go-to method for raising capital for new business ventures. Why is crowdfunding so wildly successful? Well for starters, it has the ability to reach a more diverse group of investors. Not only are big shot investors invited to participate but also small, lower level investments or even ‘the average Joe’ are welcome as well. Creating a badass crowdfunding campaign isn’t a piece of cake so here are a few tips to help you rock it.

  1. Dive Deep Into Emotion

Generally, we are told to keep business and emotion separate. But when you are creating a crowdfunding campaign, you want to appeal to the masses. Create a marketing strategy that is unique and steps away from the corporate world. Make your message appeal to emotion so that more people will be intrigued and interested in investing.

  1. Give A Gift

People love free stuff. Whatever it may be, we are more apt to do something if we get something worthwhile in exchange. Give away a free sample of your product, a t-shirt, coffee mug, laptop sticker, or whatever… This list could go on forever so be creative and have fun! Check out some awesome campaigns on KickStarter.

  1. Create A Timeline

Be specific with what date you want to launch your campaign. Make sure that you plan accordingly, giving your team enough time to effectively create a sustainable marketing plan. Pay attention to holidays, religious events, and other major launches. You want your campaign to stand out and not be overshadowed by something else.

  1. Deliver A Positive Image

Most crowdfunding campaigns have a well-thought out video or narrative to go along with their products. You ultimately want the campaign to go viral and reach as many people as possible because more people = more money. So support your video with facts and figures that will enhance your product’s functionality and potential.

Creating a successful crowdfunding campaign is far from easy. It takes a lot of brainpower and creative genius to put together an effective plan. Take your marketing plan step-by-step to ensure you aren’t overlooking anything that would be an asset to your campaign. Most importantly, always deliver on whatever your product promises because anything less than a satisfied customer will hinder your success.

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