Maximize Your Free Time

As I realize Friday morning has shifted into Friday afternoon, I begin to feel a sense of calm come over me. It’s the realization that I can breathe, relax, and simmer down after an intense week of sifting through emails, running meetings, and planning my days from 5 am to 10 pm … yikes.

As I peruse Google and take a minute to check the news, an ad for a TED Talk catches my eye. The title of the talk is “How to Gain Control of Your Free Time” by Laura Vanderkam. I can’t help but laugh at the thought of “wasting” my time by watching a TED Talk that tells me ‘how not to waste my time.’ Anyway, I indulge a little and man am I glad I did … Vanderkam says it best “time is highly elastic.” So often we equate ‘not having time’ with ‘it’s not a priority.’ So how do you map out and decide what is and isn’t a priority?

Vanderkam recommends taking every Friday afternoon as a time to decompress and reevaluate where you stand with yourself, your career, and your relationships. So take a few minutes and write out two to three items that are important (or priorities) for these three parts of your life.

Better yet, check out her TED Talk and decide for yourself if it was worth your time to watch … I already have the answer for you. YES.

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Kiki Koebel

Kiki Koebel

Katherine is a newbie to Denver. She recently completed her Masters in Peace and Justice Studies at the University of San Diego. When she isn’t trying to save the world, Katherine is all about trying any and all delicious foods, hitting up the beach but not actually swimming (deathly afraid of sharks), and taking as many hikes as humanly possible.
Kiki Koebel

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