Meet JUDY, your new emergency buddy.

Meet JUDY, your new emergency buddy.

Over 60% of Americans have no emergency plan. And that’s not the only shocking stat you’ll read in this article. 

310 million Americans have been affected by natural disasters since 2010. 

57 million Americans live in counties that were affected by five or more weather disasters. 

50 states have had disasters declared in the past five years. 

These statistics reported by JUDY, makers of the first digitally connected emergency kit, don’t lie. And with more, larger-impact natural disasters occurring, having an emergency plan with the right supplies is key. But we’re not all Bear Grylls, so chances are, most of us are unprepared for any natural disasters that come our way. 

Luckily, you don’t need a reality TV survival instructor by your side to make sure you’re prepared for any disaster or emergency that comes your way. All you need is JUDY. And given 2020, having a survival kit is probably a good idea. 

“JUDY is the first digitally-connected emergency kit, supported by the tools and resources to use the supplies effectively,” says Simon Huck, founder, and CEO of the emergency-kit startup. “We also have a text-based program to get your questions answered by emergency experts and a series of animated videos on over 100 topics of high consequence events and domestic emergencies.”

Another thing that sets JUDY apart from other competitor kits on the market right now? Education. 

“At JUDY we aim to not only provide you with high quality emergency preparedness equipment, but also the relevant education and tips to tackle any challenging emergency situations with confidence and calm. We plan to bring you along on an educational journey through high quality content and planning tools designed to keep you and your family informed and feeling prepared during emergency situations. Here at JUDY, we believe that a family with a plan is a family that can” says its website.

Getting to know JUDY starts with a quiz. You enter your zip code, tell them how many people are in your household, answer whether you do or do not have children under the age of 14 living in your household, list your pets, and specify the kind of home you live in (apartment, house, etc.). After the first quick questions, JUDY prompts users to inform whether they live in an area that is frequently evacuated due to extreme weather and/or
 natural disasters (some of their Ready Kits are better suited for immediate evacuation). 

Enter your answers and voilà! You are matched with the perfect Ready Kit based on exactly the factors you should consider when making an emergency plan!

JUDY provides four levels of kits- The Starter, The Safety, The Mover, The Mover Max, and The Safe. A “Mary Poppins of emergency preparedness” the company says on its Instagram page, has everything from phone chargers, to hygiene products, to food and first aid kits, and more. 

An added bonus? For every Safe or Mover sold, JUDY donates an 8 piece emergency kit to a family in need.

“We aim to create a safety movement that empowers people with the tools, resources, and community to be prepared for the unexpected,” said Huck in an interview with Forbes

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