How a Millennial Can Make $20,000 an Hour

Companies have been talking about millennials for a little while now. Millennials aren’t like the employees or the customers of the past. For traditional organizations they are a bit hard to pin down.

In an effort to get the info they need to succeed with our generation they are reaching out to consultants, and paying big bucks to hear what they have to say.

According to a recent NextShark article, some companies are paying $20,000 AN HOUR for “experts” to explain millennials to them.

But, why?

Well, it all comes down to authenticity. See millennials want jobs that are meaningful, where they are appreciated and where they can have balance in their work and hobbies. Some companies mistakenly think this means adding a bike share program to their campus while still requiring ridiculous work hours, adhering to a hierarchy that shuts down ideas, and creating job descriptions that burn people out. They are missing the point and they need someone to point it out to them.

These companies need to decrease turnover to be successful, but the emerging work force just isn’t adhering to the old way of working or thinking and if the company doesn’t realign, they are going to be stuck without anyone to fulfill their mission or do the work that needs to be done.

If you are a self-aware millennial consider consulting and talking about your generation to major companies. You could make bank.

If you are a company trying to grasp a generation of do-gooders with hobbies and a desire to be appreciated, the above advice is free, but next time I’ll charge you for it. About $20,000.

Talk to us @StarterNoise – What are today’s businesses missing when it comes to attracting millennials?

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