Which Monthly Subscriptions Had You Hooked in 2016?

As we ring in the New Year in a couple of weeks, we can’t help but reflect on this past year. It most certainly has been one for the books …. We had one crazy election year, ending with our new President-Elect, Donald Trump. We went to Brazil for the Olympics, witnessed England leave the EU, and lost a few great idols including Prince and Muhammad Ali, and so so much more.

We also had the chance to become apart of some amazing startups’ monthly subscriptions. Check out StarterNoise’s 2016 top 10 list of monthly subscriptions. Never heard of some of these? Well here’s your chance to start 2017 with a bang and receive some amazing boxes filled with pure awesomeness.

Birchbox Beauty

We all know how expensive trying new beauty products out can be, but what if a service could help you find products that fit your beauty needs? Well Birchbox does just that. For only $10/month you can get a box delivered right to your door filled with makeup, hair products, skincare, fragrances, and more.

Blue Apron

We all want to be amazing chefs but often don’t have the time to create recipes, run to the store, and then make the food. Have no fear; Blue Apron is to the rescue. The company matches your food preferences to a customized dining experience. Prices and meal plans depend on your family size and frequency of food box deliveries.

The Cravory

Everybody needs a little sweetness in his or her life. So join the Cravory’s monthly cookie subscription. Any San Diego resident can attest to the Cravory’s delicious menu. You can pick exactly what you want or get a surprise box of a dozen (or 2 dozen) cookies.

Bright Cellars

Created by two genius Ivy League graduates, Bright Cellars creates a monthly wine subscription to match your wine preferences. All you have to do is take a quiz and Bright Cellars will take care of the rest. Rate your wines after you try them so you can keep getting better matches. Its always wine time!


Every three months, you could be getting a large box delivered to you, filled with seasonal fashion trends, beauty products, and fitness attire favorites. For $49.99 per box, you can be treated for each season of the year.


Man’s best friend deserves a little fun every month too! Thanks to Barkbox, both your dog and you can get a few extra treats for only $20 a month.

Dollar Shave Club

Men, you can rejoice. For only $1, you can get your first razor and blades delivered. After that, you can choose to join a subscription for $1 to $9. There are no hidden commitments with the Dollar Shave Club so you can change the status of your plan at anytime.


Your cup of Joe just got better thanks to Mistobox. From over 300 coffees, your preferences will be matched and delivered to your door as frequently as you need more coffee. Best thing, all you need to do is brew and enjoy!

Nicely Noted

In a world of text messages and emails, it’s nice to go to you mailbox and see a lovely letter waiting for you. Nicely Noted sends you handmade, beautiful stationary along with stamps every month for $20.


We deserve to feel sexy and comfy all the way down to our underwear. BootayBag sends you two new panties every month for $12. You can match your pantie needs by style, size, and even add a bralette to your order.

We hope you check all these monthly subscriptions out because they are amazing. Have any other monthly subscriptions you would add to this list? Tweet @StarterNoise to let us know!

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