Need To Boost Your Network? Attend TechDay

As we go about our collegiate and professional years, we are constantly told to network with experienced and successful people in our field. But knowing how and where to ‘network’ can be slightly tricky, if not, downright difficult. Luckily for us, seminars and events that provide excellent environments for networking are held all the time, all across the country.

For example, Denver Startup Week was just held last week and provided young professionals with the chance to interact and connect with entrepreneurs and startups in the Denver area. If you didn’t have a chance to attend, and you’re in the Los Angeles area, then you need to check out TechDay.

Tech Day LA Tech Day LA

So what’s TechDay all about? On September 22 from 10 AM to 5 PM, over 300 startups and thousands of investors, press, job seekers, students, and early adopters will come together to share their skills and interests in technology and business. One of the best parts about this event is that it is completely free, which means you can pop in when you have time and spend as little or as much time as you see fit. All day long, demos—including social media, hardware, health and fitness, and social impact (to just name a few)—will be available to watch on the live stage. Participants in the daylong event range from community partners, accelerators, and startups.

There is no doubt that you will be surrounded by some pretty impressive entrepreneurs, investors, and likeminded people who are interested in innovation and startups. Take this opportunity as an excellent chance to network with thousands of other interested and knowledgeable individuals who are sure to teach you a thing or two about the amazing world of technology we live in today.

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