Need A Little More Flexibility In Your Life? FlexJobs May Be The Answer

Everyone can relate to the hectic woes of adulthood. Working from 9 to 5 is hardly, if ever the case, especially once you throw in your daily commute and overtime hours. We dream of having the flexibility to do what we want—when we want—but our jobs dictate what our flexibility looks like. But what if finding your dream job, along with allowing you to take a more flexible approach to your work, became reality? You may be in luck because FlexJobs provides an easy way to search for remote jobs that fit your skill sets.

Started in 2007 by Sara Sutton Fell in Boulder, Colorado, FlexJobs makes it easy and convenient to search for local, remote jobs. Sutton was feeling much like many of us feel—deprived of flexibility in her schedule. So she created FlexJobs to allow professionals the opportunity to search out other career options other than those found in an office. Since its infancy, FlexJobs has served over one million professionals in their job searches. In order to use the database, you must subscribe to a monthly fee of $14.95 or an annual feel of $49.95. See if it’s worth a shot at finding a job that allows you to do more of what you want—like hiking, yoga classes, running errands, or spending more time with friends or family.

Think you’d check out FlexJobs for your next job search? Watch this video to see if it would be a good fit for you, and tweet @StarterNoise using #Flex to let us know what you think!

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