Need a Paint Job? Think Solar.

It’s summertime, and we all have a bucket list of “small” household projects we are eager to do. Whether that’s planting some flowers, hanging up some pictures, or eating an entire bag of cheetos while binge watching Netflix — we’ve all got some ‘to-dos’ to check off of our list.

With the current political climate of going back and forth on climate change, we all tend to get a little overwhelmed with what’s true. We are told plastic is bad, meat ruins the ozone layer, and we are super wasteful. Well, all of that rings some truth, because let’s face it … we like to sip our lemonades with plastic straws, we like to bite into a juicy cheeseburger, we even like to blast the AC to 60 degrees to keep ‘cool’ on those scorcher 80 degree days.

So how do we correct these behaviors? Well, we are told time and time again to recycle, reuse, and share. All of these climate messaging tactics are useful (though sometimes depressing) because the facts are 1. we’ve only got one earth, 2. one ozone layer, and 3. limited natural resources.

Instead of getting all sad and sentimental, let’s think back to your household ‘to-do’ list. (Still depressing because you hate household work? I’m sorry, just hire a handyman). But anyway, what if you could make those ‘to-dos’ a little more eco-friendly? What if you could paint your house with solar paint?

Never heard of solar paint? Yeah me either until researchers from the RMIT University in Australia found out that solar paint can generate limitless power. To break this down a little further, when you use solar paint, it absorbs water vapor and sunlight, to create clean hydrogen energy. Pretty sweet, right?

This major breakthrough could alter the way we use energy and help support eco-friendly efforts. Although this product is not available for sale yet, it could be at your local paint shop in the near future.

So don’t fret about being green, awesome eco-friendly initiatives are the in the works that will make your household projects fun and the climate happy.

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