New Year’s Resolution To Kick Ass

Coming up with a New Year’s Resolution can be daunting, and we all know we are bound to fail (even a little) anyway, right? Well, maybe not… here are some of my (trying to be) creative yet simple resolutions you can tackle while at work.

Rely on your Group

This can be a tricky one if you like to take each project by the reigns. But in reality, we can’t single-handedly do everything. Your team is there for a reason—to help each other out. So make an effort to loosen up a little bit and let your team members cut you some slack. You deserve it.

Don’t Lower your Standards

With that said, don’t expect any less than you already have. You still need to make sure that everyone around you—yourself included—is held accountable and kicking butt! There is only way to move and that’s up, so keep pushing with your best foot forward.

Quit It

Leave those insecurities and reservations about yourself in 2016. This New Year is all about you and your ability to rock your career. Don’t feel like you need to say ‘yes’ to everything. There is always a tricky balance between taking on too much at work and leaving time for your friends and family—and most importantly, yourself. So know your limits and be okay with saying ‘no’— your future self will thank you!

Think you can handle these minor New Year’s Resolutions? They may not seem too large or overwhelming but they will take some extra brainpower and courage to keep up with. Both your career and personal development are equally important to making you the best possible person at work. 2017 is your year—go out and rock it!

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