It’s Not Only Social Media, These Old Fashioned Marketing Tactics Still Work

Successful companies today must use social media as a way to leverage support for their products. Creating a Facebook page, a Twitter account, and an Instagram following is crucial to attracting interested consumers. With that said, social media isn’t the only way to generate interest and ensure your product’s marketing is reaching others. Here are some old-fashioned proven tactics that still work and add a nice, personal touch to your marketing campaign.

Business Cards

These handy-dandy cardstock pieces of paper are a critical networking device. Make sure you have your name or your company’s name clearly stated on the card, along with an accessible phone number, website address, and email. Although they may seem useless these days, people love getting a tangible reminder of you or your business.

Public Speaking

Get out from behind the closed doors of your office and interact with others. Find opportunities to speak at and promote your product, company or yourself. Not only will it be a great opportunity for you as an individual but also it will get your business’s name out to a larger group of people.


People love free gifts so donate your products or some gift cards to a local contest. Your prizes will go a long way and will show people a glimpse into your product, which they may be more willing to buy again after they get a taste of it for free.

Regardless of how you choose to develop and carry out your marketing campaign, be sure to use a combination of social media outreach and old-fashioned tactics. Believe it or not, many people prefer the old fashioned marketing techniques over social media. And who doesn’t love receiving a business card or free gift from someone!

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