Oops I Did It Again… A Few Tips to Help You Regret Less at Work

No one likes looking back on a situation and wishing he or she had done things differently. Although it’s not always possible to avoid this uncomfortable feeling of regret, it is manageable to avoid making bad decisions while at work.  Here are a few tips to avoid regret during the workweek.

Avoid Office Gossip

Everybody loves a little drama, but when it conflicts with your work relationships, you need to reconsider if that ‘gossip-filled conversation’ is worth it. In fact, I’d argue that office gossip is never worth it because it will only lead to conflict and animosity between you and other coworkers.

Stay True to You

It’s easy to get caught up in a new job and feel like your suppressing your comfort zone in order to move up. But when your values and beliefs begin to become compromised, you should take a step back and really analyze how important the job is to your overall career growth.  No job is worth making you feel uncomfortable to the point where you begin to disregard everything your ever valued.

Settling for Less Than You Deserve

Life can get pretty complicated, especially when you are trying to figure out what’s best for you. Always remember that when an amazing opportunity comes your way, you should take it—even if it means you have to make some tough decisions about location and relationships. You owe it to yourself to always strive for the best and your job should reflect your pursuit to happiness.

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