Pizza Hut Steps Up Its Game

Pizza Hut

Have you ever sat at home and craved a mouth watering, hot and cheesy pizza? … And if you never have, I’m sure you are now. What goes best with this delectable meal? Ah that’s right a six pack of beer or a bottle of wine. Yum!

But when you have absolutely no energy to get out of your PJs and drive to the store, you pick up your phone and call for delivery. Unfortunately, no beer and wine can be paired with your pizza because delivery options don’t offer that … until now. Yes, that’s right, Pizza Hut will be unveiling a new delivery service that will allow you to get beer and wine delivered with your pizza orders. Ahhhmazing.

The service will first plant its roots in Phoenix, Arizona with beer and then with wine starting in January. All options will cost a flat rate of $10.99 plus what ever yummy pizza you decide to order. Since this will be Pizza Hut’s pilot program, it’s hard to say where the service will expand to next — but fingers crossed, it’s a city near you.

And don’t think you can just order pizza and beer if you’re under 21, you will get carded at the door. But hey, now a lazy night-in can be completely stress-free thanks to Pizza Hut.

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