Postmates Steps Up It’s Game


Have you ever been curled up at home, under a mountain of blankets while binging on some Netflix? Of course you have, who hasn’t? But then the dilemma begins … the distance from you to the nearest take-out restaurant is just too far. You consider your options in the fridge but let’s be honest, that sounds like way too much work. So you do the next most reasonable thing … order some grub from Postmates.

Postmates has been a go-to for millions since 2011. Whatever you want delivered, Postmates has got you covered. But what if you are out and about and want to grab your food yourself … but the line is just too darn long. Don’t fret, because again, Postmates has got you covered.

The booming startup just announced that it will be offering a ‘Pickup’ feature. Now, you can order your food, jump to the front of the line, and grab and go. Functionality for pickup is not available in all citites but after its launch in San Francisco, Postmates hopes to bring pickup to LA and NYC shortly. Postmates is killing it by ringing in three million deliveries a month and a gross merchandise volume of $1.2 billion.

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