Quick Design Hacks to Spruce Up Your Workspace

Startups want innovative workspaces that allow employees to think creatively and collaboratively. But finding the time and budget to make your startup’s space fun and ‘design-forward’ can be challenging. But no need to worry; your startup can be just as cool as the unicorns out in Silicon Valley. Check out these quick design hacks to spruce up your startup.

  1. Color

Have lots of furniture but it all feels pretty drab? No problem—all you need to do is pick out a complimentary color scheme and start painting. You can add some nice touches to any desk, chair, or table with a quick and easy paint job. Not a fan of color? Then add some gold, silver, or neutral accent colors.

  1. Comfort

Every startup needs a couch (or three). Add a splash of color to the room by purchasing some fun pillows and blankets. These items can get a little pricey but plenty of stores have clearance sections or salerooms to comb through. Your employees will definitely be happy to know there is a designated relax & unwind section at your office space.

  1. Light

Lighting is huge in a workspace. No one likes being stuck under fluorescent lights all day, or on the flip-side, squinting at their computer screens because there isn’t enough light. Make your startup shine with warm light, and if you’re lucky enough to have plenty of windows, let the natural light in as well.

So much can be done design-wise when you’re trying to make your startup’s space unique. So try out a few of these easy design hacks and surprise your team with an awesome workspace.

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