Roomi Takes the NY Apartment Scene by Storm. Is Your City Next?

It can be difficult to find a roommate if you don’t have the necessary network of mutual friends and acquaintances to tap into. That challenge has a tendency to be amplified when living in an sprawling metropolitan as populated as New York City. ‘Roomi’ is on a mission to fix that.

Now with a $2 million allowance in seed funding, the app allows users to take pictures of their apartment and post the shots along with some preliminary information in order for people who are actively looking for a new place to live to determine which living scenario would fit their lifestyle/needs.

What sets ‘Roomi’ apart from other apartment finding programs is that it requires a sizable amount of information upfront. Some of the questions asked right off the bat address smoking habits, whether you’re a morning person, if you like a clean kitchen, etc. Roomi is also the only program that takes an entirely mobile approach to shopping for a new apartment.

Currently ‘Roomi’ is a free app but CEO, Ajay Yadav sees the potential in being able to generate revenue from the innovative interface. Yadav has said that their newest wave of funding will be put towards expanding the app’s interface into the Android market.

Would you use Roomi to find your next roommate? Would you pay for the service either as a renter or a rentee? Tweet us your thoughts @StarterNoise using the hashtag #Roomi.

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