Saying “F*** You” Has Never Been Easier with Microsoft’s New Emoji

When it comes to texting, ditch your manners and send a big, fat middle finger.

Today, Microsoft announced an interesting addition to their emoji options. When they release their Windows 10 update sometime near the middle of 2015, they will include a middle finger emoji you can use to offensively vent your frustration and really show someone how you feel.

Wherever you’re from, there’s a middle finger emoji for you; there will be a cartoony hand flipping the bird in an array of skin colors. The image isn’t an exact replica of a hand with a clear middle finger extended, but we think any recipient of the emoji will get the point. Then, they’ll probably call you (you might not want to answer).

From texting to social media, emojis are you used around the world for communicating words in a fun, simple way. When it comes to messaging, they add an element of expression you just can’t achieve with words. Now, thanks to Microsoft, you can send the ultimate insult to frustrating co-workers, annoying enemies, and your friend who didn’t pick you up from the bars.

But, did you ever wonder about the most commonly used emojis? What about the least popular? People all over the world are texting, blogging, and posting on social media using these tiny images to express themselves, so which ones are really the most (and least) popular? Let’s find out.

5 Most Popular Emojis

1 – Hearts

2 – Joy

3 – Unamused

4 – Heart Eyes

5 – Relaxed

5 Least Popular Emojis

1 – Left Luggage

2 – Vibration Mode

3 – CL (Clear)

4 – Outbox Tray

5 – Slot Machine

It makes sense that hearts are the most commonly used emojis. It also makes sense that almost nobody ever uses “Left Luggage.” But how will Microsoft’s new middle-finger perform? Whether it becomes popular and causes fights across the world or flops due to fear of use, we should all appreciate Microsoft’s passion for freedom of expression (and frustration).

Would you just use the new middle-finger emoji as a joke with friends, or actually send it to someone you’re pissed with? Tell us what you think on Twitter @Starternoise.

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