SH!t on the Right Pot

Have you ever sat down to go number 2 and wondered if you were doing it right? Apparently there are good, better, and best ways to take a dump. Making sure you get the most out of the experience is the Wellbeing Toilet. The first toilet you can purchase that is ergonomically correct.

Why should you pay attention to the way you sit on the pot? Apparently the right way can actually reduce your risk of intestinal cancer and hemorrhoids. The difference? The Wellbeing Toilet makes it easy to squat instead of sit while you are going. Squatting helps the body align more correctly for discarding waste.

According to one article about the toilet, the design is a result of a challenge to create a toilet that is sustainable, more eco-friendly, and better for health while also reducing water waste. Most importantly it is taking something nearly everyone uses everyday and improving upon it with an application and understanding of science, health and sustainability.

There have been other products improved upon over the years -because why get stuck doing everything the same old way? The washable keyboard and laser keyboard, for example, eliminate the risk of pouring your coffee, soda or getting cookie crumbs in your keys.

Look around. What every day thing needs some improvement in your life?

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