Snitches… There’s An App For That!

Rumor has it that there are some people using Tinder to cheat on their significant others . . .

*Gasp!* (…hopefully the sarcasm was detected because, let’s be real, it was laid on pretty thick)

Well, there is some bad news for all the Sneaky Petes out there, because a new website has been created that can catch those Tinder Cheaters red handed…and for only $5!  This investigation site allows suspicious significant others (or just the curious ones out there) to check up on Tinder and see if their person of interest is active on the app.

This site is called Swipe Buster and it’s creating a lot of drama in and out of the relationship world. By finding their way into your personal lives, Swipe Buster can legally get ahold of your profile information and pretty much put you on blast.  How is this legal? Well, fun fact, your profile details on Tinder are actually public information.

Swipe Buster was created with the intention to get the word out that there is more personal information open to the public than a lot of us would be comfortable with, and hopefully, to also bring some confirmation to the wandering thoughts of the morally wronged.

Whether this inside information is fixing the cheating problem in relationships, or just causing more heartbreak, the creation of this site will most likely make people think about how personal their said “personal information” actually is when they’re posting it onto a social media source.

It seems that this site doesn’t have much of a fighting chance against their powerful opponent, Tinder, because of Swipe Buster’s obvious kryptonite- that they could easily cease to exist if Tinder decides to make their user’s information private. But before that happens, Swipe Buster is getting attention by making some noise and creating waves.

Ironically, the creator of Swipe Buster choses to remain anonymous.  I guess keeping secrets is only okay when they do it. Go figure.


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