Start-up or Corporate? Pros and Cons of Taking that Job

The job market is fierce. If you are lucky enough to be choosing between jobs you may find that you have to choose between a startup and a corporate position. Whether internship or paid position, there are pros and cons to both types of organization. Here’s a few things to consider and a few arguments for why you should choose the startup position:

Start-ups can be exciting

If you define exciting by way of chaos and an ever-changing environment . . .

Start-ups are generally figuring it out as they go, making decisions on the fly, shifting as they learn. This is a killer working environment if you can handle it. What you start working on in the morning might look COMPLETELY different by afternoon. That’s awesome! You are creating something new, dynamic and potentially changing society.

Start-ups give opportunity to the new person

They aren’t holding you back, so don’t hold yourself back, either!

A corporate job will have a chain of command, set job descriptions and way of doing things that is “the way it has always been done.” Bleh. Start-ups are fluid enough to give serious opportunity even to the new person in room. Use this opportunity to show your skills, learn new skills and develop your passions.

Start-ups are full of potential

Embrace the potential and ride the wave as long as you can.

Corporations kinda know where they stand, what their reach is. Start-ups, on the other hand, are full of potential, full of dreamers and full of excitement. There is no limit in a start-up! Even conservative start-ups are working hard to see how far they can go.

Start-ups are the job of the future

So, you better get used to the chaos, and learn to love the opportunity and the potential

Today’s biggest corporations started somewhere. If you want to part of starting the next Apple or Google or AirBnB, you need to be ready to embrace the chaos and bank on the opportunity and potential of a start-up. Think of corporations as grey while start-ups are every color of awesome you could imagine. What world do you want to live in?

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