Startup Life As Described By HBO’s Silicon Valley

Honestly, this show is creepily accurate.

How you feel during your company’s all hands meeting.

When you talk about work with a friend who doesn’t work for a startup.

Your response when that friend says “I left work at 5 and then went to bed early last night.”

What resumes start to look like after hours of interviewing candidates.

When one of your social media posts gets 3 likes.

When your boss asks you to do something that you have no idea how to do.

And your confidence after you figure out how to do it (thanks Google).

When your friend tells you that your commitment to your job is crazy.

When you’re a woman in tech at an event and someone assumes you’re an “office administrator.”

When you work remotely and haven’t found the right coworking space yet.

When you get to be a part of an insanely cool culture, working alongside the movers and shakers of the startup and tech industry.

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