Startup Slang: 5 Terms to Learn This Week

Startup terminology every entrepreneur should know.

Accelerator: an environment that “accelerates” the growth of an existing company; focuses on scaling a business and startup growth.
Example: gener8tor is a nationally ranked, 12-week program accelerator that invests in high-growth startups.

Incubator: An environment that “incubates” early stage companies; focuses on innovation and idea development.
Example: 1871 is a digital startup incubator created to support Chicago’s digital startup community. 

Coworking SpaceA membership-based space in which diverse groups of entrepreneurs, technologists, and innovators gather to work in a communal setting.
Example: Ward4 is a coworking space designed to create an entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Hackathon: A weekend or day-long event in which groups of developers/programmers gather to create hardware or software products.

Demo Day: When startups from accelerators present their companies to investors, mentors and the community to review their progress and growth.

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