Stop Disrupting Your Staff Partners’ Productivity


Do you run a startup? If you answered yes, chances are you have a team of staff partners that you manage as well. As their leader, you set the tone for your startup’s culture, workflow, and ultimate success.

You’ve probably received plenty of advice for how your staff partners can and should be productive. But have you ever considered how you influence their overall productivity? The way you manage your staff partners can drastically impact their ability to effectively and efficiently complete their work.

Here are three ways to stop disrupting your staff partners’ productivity.

Master Communication

Good communication does not come easily. You must actively practice your communication skills. For example, when assigning tasks, don’t give your staff partners bare bones information. Instead, give them depth and understanding into why you are asking them to work on a certain project. It will show them that you are invested in not only the success of the overall project but also their individual understanding and professional growth.

Don’t Assume

You’re an entrepreneur, and you always have a million ideas running through your head at any given time. But don’t assume that everyone who works for you operates the same way. Many people become overwhelmed and frustrated when new “half-baked” ideas are placed on their to-do list. Be realistic with your ideas and don’t ask staff partners to devote time and energy on a project until you thoroughly vet it.

Let Go of Control

As your staff partners’ manager, you manage their work. However, be sure to give them the tools and freedom to successfully execute projects. We all need some autonomy in order to feel confident and in-control of our own work. Don’t micromanage or belittle your staff partners to the point where they feel incapable to do anything without your approval.

Time is money — your staff partners’ productivity is important. Make the most of their time by managing them with great communication, well-thought-out projects, and independence.

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