The Stress Of Adulthood Is Turning Us Back Into Toddlers!

Put away the yoga and the classical music cuz it’s starting to look like the new way to destress is by coloring!

Who knew that taking a children’s toy and making a modified version for adults would be a huge trend.  It’s like teaching an old dog old tricks.  Adult coloring books seem to be popping up everywhere, from bookstores to celeb Instas.  These coloring books are crazy popular!

It seems that people still just love to color and getting to pretend to be a kid again, even if its just for 30 minutes, makes people relax.  Coloring these whimsical patterns seems to be freeing to the mind and are great for elevating stress for those overworked types.

After trolling the amazon page for these coloring books, the booming reaction of positivity on the comments section shows that this product should go pretty far in the market and definitely will be able to hold its own.  It seems like people have been waiting for something like this for a while.

These coloring books are like a matured version of the doodles drawn in the boarders of your notebooks while fighting to stay awake in that boring class where all your professor did was lecture.  So, yeah it seems like these books have had a long time coming.

With stressful days and lots of work always in people’s faces, it is crazy how they’re just beginning to pop-up.  Something so simple as a black-and-white doodle covered page that is ready to have someone go to town on it with markers is changing the market and gaining a lot of word of mouth coverage.

Have you had the chance to doodle like you mean it in these Adult Coloring Books? Show us your power doodles by hitting us up, via Twitter @starternoise

Photo Credit: Big Think

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