Struggling to Juggle it All? Tips to Improve Time Management

Time Management

If only time was on our side. Many of us struggle to juggle it all. Between work, family, friends, exercise (just to name a few), we are strapped tight on time.

Instead of wishing there was more time in in the day, think about how effectively you use your day. Do you think you are using your time wisely? Or do you think there are some areas you could improve?

Check out a few easy tips to improve your time management.


Take 10 minutes at the end of each day to map out your plan for the next. Think about the top three things you would like to accomplish and why. From there, prioritize everything else you would like to get done. By listing out your top three “to-dos,” you’ll be reminded of the tasks you prioritized for the day.


Think about when you feel the most motivated and likely to accomplish your goals. Is it in the morning, afternoon, or evening? How long does that time last? Don’t pressure yourself to be super productive between 9 to 5. Instead, know when you are most likely to have the most energy to tackle your to-do list. Try to keep that timeframe open so you can commit to your goals uninterrupted.


Routine can be challenging—especially for entrepreneurs, but try to build in some form of a routine every day. Perhaps you wake up every morning at 6 AM and go for a run and meditate. After that you dive into your to-do list so you can check off your top three goals for the day. Whatever rhythm you create, stick to it.


We live in a world filled with interruptions, and it can be very challenging to stay on track. Try turning your phone on airplane mode during parts of the day, so you avoid checking social media, email, or text messages. Every time we give our attention to something irrelevant, it takes a great deal of time to refocus and recommit to the task at hand.

Learning to effectively utilize our time can be very challenging. One size does not fit all. Experiment with your routine and think about times during the day that you feel most productive. From there, create a routine that avoids interruptions (to the best of your ability) so you can manage your time more successfully.

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