Sun Chaser Brings An Alcohol-Free Buzz This Summer

It’s the first alcohol-free drink designed to give you a buzz— hangovers not included. Introducing Sun Chaser.

You read that right. Thanks to Joce and Nellie, former Google employees and now cofounders of the beverage startup, Sun Chaser, you can get a summer buzz without worrying about a hangover. 

The founders created Sun Chaser after having many conversations on the good life and how to find it. That’s when they set out on a journey to make products that capture that good life. Long story short, a sun (chaser) was born.

So how does such a thing even exist? Let’s look at the science and wellness components behind the beverages and how they’re made. 

Sun Chaser, per on their web description, combined their “proprietary blend of supplements with delicious fruit juices for a first-of-its-kind alcohol alternative. Together these supplements produce a light and uplifting buzz. No alcohol necessary.”

The beverages are lightly carbonated, with refreshing notes of tart cherry, lime, apple, and a pop of mint. 60 Calories. No added sugars—the big hangover culprit—ever. 

The final product? “Summer in a can.” I’m so in. 

The founders know the importance of drinking responsibly, so they remind all potential consumers to consume only as recommended. They suggest to “start with a single serving and increase slowly to find the amount that works for you.” 

That’s a pretty wise piece of advice regardless of what it’s referring to. 

This new buzz is definitely unique to any alcoholic beverages. If a consumer is drinking it for the first time, they can anticipate a whole new drinking experience.

What does this whole new drinking experience look like? 

Sun Chaser taps into the wide market of functional nootropic ingredients and leverages L-theanine and cordyceps for an alcohol alternative. So, put more simply—all of the supplements helps to “loosen your inhibitions slightly and bring on a sense of anti-anxiety properties.”

And how does this “buzz” actually feel?

It’s definitely hard to imagine when, well, the only other times you’ve felt buzzed is from alcohol! According to the company, “on a scale of 1 to 10, sober to drunk, Sun Chaser lives around a 4. Watch for a delightful head tingle that progresses through the body. It will feel like a refreshing, light, uplifting buzz designed to help you laugh a little louder, dance a little wilder, and connect a little deeper.” 

The company also assures that “it’s natural to see a sliding scale effect, ranging from a pleasant social lubricant to a full-fledged buzz.” Good info to have if you’re going in blind.

The supplements they put in the beverage are effective for most people. However, they add that the person drinking the beverage is just as much of an ingredient as the juices and supplements in the drink!

One thing is clear: whether Sun Chaser gets your summer buzz on, or you simply find it a refreshing and enjoyable alternative to alcohol, the future of drinking is certainly evolving— and we can finally start putting out health first. 

So, their slogan is right— buzzed ABSOLUTELY just got better. And you can sign me up! 

Or, rather, put me on that every-growing pre-order list… 

I want to be first to experience this buzz that everyone is buzzing about!

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