Swipe right or left on these #startup ideas

So you’ve got a stellar idea and you want to know how successful it could actually be. You ask all your friends and family but all you get is positive feedback because let’s face it—that’s what family is for. But what you really want is constructive criticism by people who don’t know you. Well, you’re in luck because GoDaddy just launched a new app that could revolutionize the way startups approach designing and marketing their products.

Flare AppThe new app, Flare, allows users to show their business ideas to other users and ask for valuable feedback. For example, let’s say you came up with an innovative way to have a rideshare program with your coworkers. You could ask other users, “would you pay $15 dollars for this?” Other users can take a look at your idea and let you know what they really think. Similar to Tinder, users can swipe left (not interested) or right (interested) to indicate their interest in your product. If your product gets more than 10 right swipes, then your idea will become more popular, which allows it to move into the question phase explained above.

The app hopes to become more selective with users so your business ideas will get feedback from top CEOs and other entrepreneurs. Essentially, the app allows people like you and me to get feedback on the beginning phases of our business ideas so we are more prepared for the crowdfunding stages.

Think you’d be interested in giving Flare a try with your business ideas? Tweet @StarterNoise using #caretoflare to let us know.

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