Healing Broken Bones with 3D Printing

If you haven’t worn one, you have probably signed one – plaster casts have only evolved to include varying colors over the years. Until now. Using 3D printing technology, it might be time to leave the plaster behind and create perfectly fitted, less itchy, less stinky, cool looking casts to help us heal.

NovaCast, for instance, is light-weight, breathable, and allows doctors to see the skin and still holds the bones in place as they merge back together after an accident. It was created by the company MediPrint, which was founded by UNAM University graduates in Mexico.

Before NovaCast made it a reality, Jake Evill conceptualized CoreTex in New Zealand, which had a similar goal, though never made it from concept to fruition.

These casts are easier to keep clean, can be worn in the shower, and can be designed to bring support to the area of breakage that needs it most. Currently, it takes 3-4 hours to print a NovaCast, but the team at MediPrint is working quickly to reduce the wait time.

My only question is, how do I sign it?

Besides broken bones, what could we use 3D printing to help heal? Tell us @StarterNoise



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