The Crypto Universe Gathers Together in The Middle of The Mediterranean Sea

Did you know that Malta, a very small island country off the southern coast of Italy, has acclaimed itself as the undisputed “Blockchain Island”? The token phrase (no pun intended) has been given to them by the crypto elite, and earned through swift legislation by the Malta Government whom have passed 3 pieces of legislation to support the rapidly-growing technology.

On the 23rd and 24th of May, the crypto world is colliding at the Hilton in Malta to discuss AI, Big Data, Blockchain, IoT, and Quantum Technologies. The Malta AI & Blockchain Summit is broadening the discussion around cryptocurrency — it’s not just about token investments anymore, but how much positive social impact can be made through the technology.

Here are some key players that will be apart of the discussion in Malta this Spring:

Binance, OKEx, and Tron all currently have a presence in Malta, and Binance and Tron have already donated $100,000 in cryptocurrency, each. The funds will be used to support Malta youth and development programs. The Malta government is making a big bet on blockchain and AI to leapfrog other countries in the EU. Do you think it will pay off?

There are a few interesting things about this country:

  1. The land mass is equal in size to US cities like Tampa, Atlanta, or Portland
  2. You can purchase your citizenship through buying or renting a home for 5+ years
  3. It is home to the Instagram-famous rock arch called the Azure Window

Here is a video walk-through of the beautiful country and cryptocurrency integration put together by Cointelegraph.

It is reported that at the AI & Blockchain Summit this Spring, the Malta government will pass the 4th law to legally support and protect cryptocurrency technology. They are also on the hunt for companies to occupy Malta that are making waves in Artificial Intelligence. So you mean we have a country that is thinking logically and promoting business and technology?! Well done, Malta. The US could take note.

So will you join us in Malta and be at the epicenter of the conversation and cryptocurrency community? Come for the networking amongst over 5,000 attendees, and stay for the 400+ exhibitors and startups. You may never know what could happen, and you will be shocked at the affordable ticket prices – https://maltablockchainsummit.com/ – act fast, and see you there!

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