The Growing Importance of Remote Communication

Prior to March 2020, some of us had the luxury of working-from-home, but many of us still begrudgingly loaded up our coffee tumbler and embraced our long, morning commute. 

As we’ve shifted to working from home during the COVID-19 pandemic, many of us have had the pleasure of seeing all the perks to a remote work lifestyle: relaxed work schedule, leisurely attire, no morning and evening commutes … the list goes on. 

Sure, all the Zoom calls have become exhausting after a while, but by and large, there are some serious pros to embracing a work-from-home lifestyle. Here are a few ways remote communication and working-from-home have made our workplaces better.  


Remote work has most definitely made for a more flexible working environment. Although not everyone has a dedicated work office, being able to work at your own leisure while having the flexibility to get in a quick workout, run a load of laundry, or make lunch can be a huge help. We are all juggling quite a bit at the same time and being able to wear multiple hats at once can be a major stress reliever.  


It’s no surprise that 48.6% of companies have reported increased productivity since employees began working remotely during the pandemic. In fact, only 28.7% found that productivity had declined. Working from home has allowed people to get into their groove of working quicker and more efficiently—in turn helping generate more revenue for companies. 


Have you ever noticed when you perform best? Each of us has our own time throughout the day that we are able to crank through the most work and be our most productive selves. When working from home, you have the flexibility to hone-in on your most productive time and give yourself necessary breaks when you feel like you’re dragging. 

Remote communication and the work-from-home lifestyle have provided us with a taste of what the future work-world may hold. With increased flexibility and productivity, workers have the opportunity to perform at their best—making companies benefit in the long-run. 

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