The HOTTEST Wellness Trend Right Now Is Literally Hot

Lots of people in the fitness community talk about sweating each and every day. It’s always good to get the body up and running and open up those pores. What do you commonly do to get your sweat on? Yoga, running, cycling, lifting weights, or even swimming (you can’t see your sweat while in the water, but boy, lap swimming is a tough workout)! It turns out, the hottest wellness trend right now is literally, truly hot.

What about after a weekend of going out with friends, and maybe consuming a bit too much of alcohol – what do you do then? Have you heard the saying, “sweat the poisons out”? My personal trainer would say that every Monday during class!

Other than the saying being a funny joke, there actually is a health and wellness craze that attacks these toxins in our body head-on. Saunas are a great solution for flushing sweat out of your system, but infrared saunas specifically warm up the body on a cellular level (where those pesky toxins hang out) to pull them out of the body using heat.

There are many great morning routines, personal development tools, and health tips and tricks that you can use to make incremental and monumental leaps in your overall wellness. Dave Asprey, the founder of that famous Bulletproof coffee, has listed a few other ideas here on the wellness trend that you may want to implement along with sauna use. Once again, infrared saunas are the way to go.

Diving deeper into infrared saunas, what they do, and how to use them, here are some fast facts:

  • They are applicable for daily use, up to 45 minutes at a time
  • They are “less intense” than normal saunas (typically between 100-130 degrees, rather than normal saunas at 200+)
  • They help your body detox, lower your blood pressure, proven to help with weight loss, improve circulation, and give you an overall rejuvenated feeling

Here is another article with great research, and a long list of references supporting this research about this wellness trend. My favorite brand in-home / in-office is Sunlighten, and is also the same sauna manufacturer that our friend, Dave Asprey chose!

For a 45 minute sweat in the heart of LA between the Fashion District & the Staples Center, check out our friends at HotBox – Infrared Sauna Studio.

Taking the same approach as a traditional workout, be sure to hydrate before AND after your sauna session, and be in tune with how your body is feeling at all times. Electrolytes and sodium are great for replenishing your lost sweat. We hope you enjoy the refreshing experience!

Have you taken the plunge into extreme temperature treatments for health and wellness trends as sauna use, cold showers, cryotherapy, etc? Let me know what you think!

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